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Bun B ft. Ying Yang Twins - Git It

Ayeeee get it girl , this my shit

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After a few moments of only the sound of forks tapping against glass, he spoke and ended the silence between us. “Hey, lemme ask you somethin’.”

I looked up at him and back to my plate again, picking up a piece of bacon. “What?”

“Why you try to play me last night?”

I scrunched my face…

Kehlani’s life has never been a fairy tale and it’s far from good. Since the age of five to thirteen she was sexually abused by a family member. She told her mother, who didn’t believe her and kicked her out. She began staying with different relatives until they got tired of her. She was alone and broken. The pain she felt caused self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Now 19 with a new life living with her grandmother in California, she wants to start over but with vivid night mares of her past, she can’t.

Living with her grandmother is stress-free and her grandmother only has one rule. She doesn’t want Kehlani following the wrong crowd, Kehlani understands her grandmothers’ worries and promises to never do so, until she meets Jace.

An ex drug dealer, who turned his life around after having a baby of his own. Many believe his life is great but they have no idea…

His mother became addicted to drugs, leaving him to his grandmother. With her around he was happy and the pain of knowing his mother was on drugs, took a back seat. That was until she died, leave Jace alone. He became ruthless and cared about no one except his daughter and his money.

Now a year later, His only family is his Aunt and his daughter, Kia. The apple of his eyes, daddy’s baby girl.

Both of them have lived through some horrible tragedies, so what happens when Kehlani and Chris meet? Will she let him in? Is she just another ‘bitch’ to him or will their hard lives bring them together?

They’re both trapped in the past, just wanting to be free.

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     Am I happy about going off to college? Maybe, maybe not. Aaliyah thought to herself.

     One thing she’s happy about is, having the freedom she always dreamt about. Having the ability to do whatever she wants, but that isn’t going to last long with her overprotected father breathing down her neck every five seconds. Since Aaliyah’s mother left when she was about three years old, her father haven’t left her side. He didn’t really want her to have any contact with her mother, so he moves her to Harlem. She’s still currently living in Harlem, because she didn’t want to go out of state of college so she’s attending James Hunt University in Brooklyn.

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Whats the name of a chris brown fanfic where his ex-girlfriend got pregnant and she told him and he told her to go get an abortion and she ended up living with her dad and she had twins named candice and caleb?? Oh and chris is a drug lord i think

Man I’m sorry I know the story but I can’t think of the name

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I wished I had turned down the invitation.

This was the last place I wanted to be and there were a million other things I’d rather do. Especially after my long draining day of work paired with an interview that left my emotions spent on the hows of my future. Despite my feelings, I had no further say in the matter after arrangements were finalized. My presence was promised and even guaranteed with the fancy calligraphy of my John Hancock on the dotted line beside an X.

Greystone Manor had undergone renovations and decided to bring back business with a bang on the same date as their initial opening a decade ago. Almost every one of the elite persuasion on the west coast was in attendance, leaving the building packed to maximum capacity. From the looks of it, the sophisticated layout appeared reminiscent of the 40/40 club in New York. Lowly lit chandeliers hung from the ceiling, grey suede furniture was arranged for seating, and mini staircases and black railings separated sections and gave way to three tiers from the floor up. Multicolored strobe lights seemed to be in sync in every corner of the space while the DJ at the front of the vicinity made every speaker thump with music.

The establishment was definitely worth another visit. It’s just that my condition hindered me in more ways than I liked.

A party wasn’t official unless I did it the right way—my way. This particular event was sheer torture. Alcohol and imported kush were a part of my daily routine. I was surrounded with surplus temptation. Despite being on edge in a public sector, I had Jen and Mel around to act as my moral and safety conscience. Not much could get pass them when they received strict instructions from the father to be. Over the week of suffering I endured, he somehow gained the knowledge of a pregnancy expert. I hadn’t even gone to an official appointment with an obstetrician yet and he was giving me the third degree about everything. My sleeping schedule, the foods I ate, my constant activity, and the warnings about harmful substances. He honestly didn’t even want me to attend this party, but it was what drove his presence here.

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I woke up with Chris’ back facing me. Looking at the tattoos, he seemed so familiar, I just don’t know where from. Looking at his arms, they’re the same from the last time I saw him, or someone else. I was confusing myself too much so I decided to go into the kitchen and cook some bacon….

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Ty and I do work together, and not just any type of work. We work for this dude named Devin doing drops for him. It’s the life that I want to keep away from Nohea. Maybe I’ll tell her if we ever get together; or maybe never, I just hope Ariana ain’t tell her anything. I’m tryna get out of…

Do you think updating a story at 11 is to late?

Nah i don’t long as it’s posted it shouldnt matter the time

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Sometimes I sit around and ponder, why couldn’t god have taken me too? It’s as if everything I loved, all the joy has been stolen from me. You take not only my mother, but my brother as well and you leave me… Here with him… no one else but him. Why do you leave me? Suffering to…

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Good gawd have mercy.

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My lil cousin hitting that nae nae

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I covered my mouth, running to the bathroom and as soon as I got in, closed the door and began praising the porcelain. August followed behind me, not opening the door.

”You aight in there?” He spoke as I finished expelling the contents of my stomach.

“Yea. Maybe the…

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"Aw fuck!" he hollered releasing himself on my thigh.

Both of us sweating and breathing hard we laid there for a few long moments to compose ourselves. I decided to get up so I could clean my skin so his climax wouldn’t harden on me. I took my clothes with me and dressed in the process. I…