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It was a regular August day for most. The sun was shining and birds were singing. People were out and about, some going to work, some running errands. Others like myself were handling personal matters. I looked around the empty space that surrounding me out of habit. There was nothing but malice…

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“@chrisbrownofficial : Riveting entertainment! New flame video going crazy!!!”


@chrisbrownofficial : Riveting entertainment! New flame video going crazy!!!”

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girl look at that bodddy


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It was hot outside honing about 90 degrees and I was outside my best friend decide to throw a cookout for the fourth of July. We were all having a great time conversation with one another while listening to Teyana OutKast playlist on her iPod. The boys had yet to come back with alcohol and snacks…

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“That shoe do not go right there!” I slapped Glenn hand away and put the shoe back in its right spot. The manager of Foot Locker called me this morning and asked can I start my job today. Of course I said yes and they just had to have Michael and Glenn do my orientation. After I…

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"So, Travie your man or nah?" Heather asked from the backseat. I smirked looking back at her in my rear view mirror. "Yeah, that’s my baby." I smiled wide. "See, I knew it. I know you’re crazy ass wouldn’t just let some nigga feel all on your ass like that." She chuckled.


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I pulled up to the venue, and put the car in park. I hopped out and walked around to the passenger side to open Chyna’s door. I took her left hand, as her right rested underneath her stomach. I pulled her up, thanking me in the process. She straightened out her dress as I tossed the…

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Here is Chapter 09 for those that missed it. Sorry it took so long but here it is.I wasn’t 10000% with this Chapter but let me know what you think please, so enjoy reading and thank you all.


Even though a fragile August was only a short distance away from me,…

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Chapter and character list please


Thank you for reading in advance
So Chapters 1-9 


And then the most recent Chapter, Chapter 10 is on this link. I haven’t had time to add it to the Chapter List yet.


There is no Character list, sorry.
Have fun reading, I hope you enjoy.
Please leave feedback and comments or your thoughts on the story in my ask box all is welcome good or bad, thanks again :)

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India W. And August fanfic ? 😕 I forgot

I’ll have to find some

anybody else know se ?

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00 : http://roommateff.tumblr.com/post/55840172361/prologue

01 : http://roommateff.tumblr.com/post/55919020925/one

02 : http://roommateff.tumblr.com/post/56110864341/two

03 : http://roommateff.tumblr.com/post/56335224274/three

04 :

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Chapter list ? Please and thank you


here ya go: http://roommateff.tumblr.com/post/55839729385/chapter-list

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BREANNE MILLER pulled up to the Whit Hotel in her white 2012 Lincoln MKZ and after surveying the nearby side streets for parking she opted for valet. With Chicago’s expensive street parking, it seemed like the best option. She didn’t want to stay there too long, and decided…

I havent been on innawhile so i may be late like what happened to Alike is ot really gone that story was my life 😔✊

I know I loved that story too I believe it was deleted though

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Chris was in his office again,the man never had a moment where he didn’t have to work.Sure he made crazy money, but was it all worth it? It was ten thirty on a Sunday morning and he was in the midst of a crisis with Tokyo.I could hear him on the line with someone named Rod hashing out the…