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March 18th, 2005

“We haven’t gotten to the root of things and this is your fifth visit Olivia.” The woman voiced her concern, dropping her notebook on the glass table between her and the young 17 year old.

Olivia just continued to stare blankly,…

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Teyana singing happy birthday to August

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Last Warning

2:45 a.m. - Monday - July 14, 2014

"Aahhh!" I screamed as a surge of pain came over my abdominal area waking me up from my restful slumber as well as my husband.

"What’s wrong?" He questioned jumping out of the bed thinking someone was trying to hurt me.

"I think it’s the…

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I lived for this shit and I’d die for my set. West Side, Treetop, Bompton. Kali was in my blood, everything about a nigga was South Central. I ain’t missed a day on the block not once and I’d earned my stripes so I had every right to boast about my status. Niggas heard my name…

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love isn’t always peaches and creme…


“Unfortunately, we have some bad news.” The doctor, said walking over to the X-Rays that was plastered on a white light. I sighed, biting my lip nervously. What can possibly be so bad? He turned off the lights in the room, to get a better look…

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"I miss you"

"Do you?"

He asked looking over at me an I smiled and said

"Yeah, you know you miss me"

"Yeah I miss you, I miss my pussy more though"

"It’s not yours anymore"

"It’ll always be mine"

He said as he kept his eyes on the tv I know he wasn’t watching it, Kee ain’t…

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"I love you too, ma" Chris’ voice filled my ears, don’t tell me that my mind is playin tricks on me right now.

I raised my head, to see that his eyes were open, and he was smiling at me. Right then and there I wanted to cry, well that’s all my ass been doing. I wiped at my tears,…

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Pain. That’s all I felt. All I could think about were my kids. Why did my life have to turn out like this? I felt the constant vibration of my phone in my back pocket, but I chose to ignore it. I couldn’t face the reality of my situation. I knew Zo would…

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I repeatedly punched Shelly in the face letting out all of my anger and frustration everything I couldn’t do that night at KOD I was going to do now finally. Not showing any mercy on this piece of shit person, she deserved none and yet she did deserve every bit of what I was giving her,…

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I was in the studio by my lonesome smoking a blunt. This beat Mustard sent me was something different, but I already had a concept for it. I checked with the label to make sure I could add one more song on it before we finalized it. They gave me three days. I don’t blame them….

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Couple days later


Me an Aldon was sitting smoking. I had a lot of shit on my mind, that female Caitlyn been hitting me up since I met her an I know something up because she keep questioning me bout G and AirRen.

I inhaled and asked

“Niggah how much you know bout these niggahs?”

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“Where the nigga that just came to the door?” I asked as I walked in the house. Lex thought I was stupid or some shit. Fuck that. I’m far from dumb and she bout to see that.

I sat Zi down on the couch, the TV was still on the same station from earlier. Turning to look at Lex. “So…

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If I thought I was going to stay up waiting for him I was wrong. Instead I woke up to one tattooed covered arm resting across my stomach while the other was laying under my shirt his hand just chilling on my left breast; his hold literally preventing me from going anywhere.


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Omg I’m laughing at the part they taking pictures and the other bitch calling 😂😂😂 just sad