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Everybody stared at me as I walked through the hallway. I hated the feeling of being the “new girl” more than anything in the world. I wasn’t the type to fit in, due to my lack of interest of what most girls were interested in.

The girls eyed me in disapproval as the boys…

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I parked my ride outta view as fast as I could and made my way back in the house even faster. It was past time ta get to it, so I went ova to the kitchen ta grab E and bring ha upstairs. But, when I got there, all da lights was off and she was missin’.

“Aye, girl. Where you at?” I got…

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When i wake up im sweating bullets. I roll over and check my phone: 2:17pm, 10 missed calls, 24 messages, I’m too sick and hot to even respond or check my phone. I hop out of the bed and wobble to the shower.

What the fuck happened last night? All i remember was August and Rocky…

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August POV

The minute i woke up i was thinking about HER. I mean i really dont know what to think about ha. If she hadn’t thrown up everywhere would she let me hit it on the first night? Girls like that don’t get my respect at all. Is she tryna be a quick nut? Or do she just want a taste…

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3 months later…

Since my suicidal attempt, keenon has been treating me like his girlfriend. He’s been really good lately and I’m kind of weirded out by it because im not used to this new keenon. But I do enjoy him, I hope he can stay this way all the time. Tonight he decided to cook…

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My mind was racing as I stood there trying to piece it all together. Maybe she was lying. I mean…she just had to be. Who would of thought I would be in this tangled web of drama. My life is a disaster and so is his. And we’re tied together in it.

"There’s no way. You’ve got it all wrong." I…

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Few Weeks Later:



I was breathless and flushed with red cheeks from laughing so hard as I watched Armani run around the living room. I wasn’t the only one though. Chris was beside me on the couch hurled over in a hysterical laughing fit.

This was it. This was the moment I’ve been…

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“So why did you just leave like that?” I asked August. He called after he stormed out like a lil’ bitch and asked if he could take us home. I said yes not even thinking he was going to keep his word, he did, though, and showed up to the hospital bright and early the next morning. I woke…

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Staring at Chris as he looked straight ahead at the wall, I frowned. He’s been sitting here like this since yesterday. Even when I woke up, he was still in the same position.

"Chris, go talk to her." I suggested, putting my hand on his. Moving mines away, he shook his head no.

"If I…

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Its about six in the morning and I’m up watching TV in the living room. I haven’t been asleep at all but i refuse to lay next to a sorry ass guy like august. The whole time i been up, I’ve been thinking about every single thing he did to hurt me. Especially letting those girls jump me…

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Lunch break…

The new girl is so beautiful man, i can’t keep my eyes off her. I love her dimples too, she’s just perfect. I really want to talk to her but im pretty sure that everyone has been telling her to not talk to me plus i’ll never have a chance with her. All girls turn me down…

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The Trifecta!

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Updated chapter list please?


There you go. 

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I looked at my phone after hearing it chime indicating I had new text messages. Checking the messages, I scrolled through them not really interested until I saw her name pop up. Teyonna wasn’t like any of these others chicks I fucked with. It was something special about baby girl. I met her…

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Can you write a story using adrian marcel plz


No, but here’s a story with him already